Supported Games – ProCon

ProCon Supported Games

Battlefield 3

ProCon Layer Hosting-battlefield 3

ProCon Layer Hosting for your Battlefield 3 gameserver.

You will have a Web based admin control panel, full FTP access, we also install and help manage stats’ pages for you.

We will help manage your plugins if you should need us to, if not you have full access to all the files and folders within ProCon, enabling you to add/remove plugins as necessary..

For solid, reliable and considerate ProCon layer hosting – consider Rcon-Admin.

Medal of Honor Warfighter (MoHW)


Host your Medal of Honor Warfighter ProCon layer with Rcon Admin Hosting

ProCon Frostbite now supports Medal of Honor: Warfighter (MOHW)

Buggy from day 1 and is still suffering from some ingame command issues, however, the team over at have managed to get the ProCon layer to work efficiently with MoHW.

There is a full list of documentation at the communities’ forums and what commands you can and cannot currently use. See this thread for details..

Battlefield Bad Company 2 / BFBC2

ProCon Layer Hosting-Battlefield Bad Company 2

ProCon Layer Hosting for your Battlefield Bad Company 2 gameserver.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is still hugely popular, and if you are renting a server for BFBC2, you will need your ingame admin tools running on there.

BFBC2 including the Vietnam pack is fully supported by ProCon Layer Servers

All we will need is your ip, your Rcon pass and port and the rest you can safely leave to us..